"For The Secure Future of The Employees"

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What we do

We manage the Provident Fund (PF) of all Army and Police personnel, Civil servants, employees of state owned Corporations, and teachers of Governments Schools in Nepal. Similarly, any private sector establishments with more than ten employees are also eligible to become members, and we manage the PF of their employees as well. Besides PF management, we also provide the following social security benefits:

  • Accident Indemnity
  • Funeral Grant
  • Employees Welfare Scheme (Insurance)
  • Participation in Profit

Members and Membership Base

Employees from state owned institutions attain automatic membership to KSK. These include personnel from the army and police, civil servants, state owned corporations, and government school and colleges. 

Around 30,000 offices contribute to KSK and the present membership base is 5,25,000 individuals (2017 January data)
Membership to KSK is also open to private sector firms with the only condition that such firms should have at least ten employees contributing regularly to become a member.